On-Site Support For Your Business

For Servers, Networks, Desktops and Everything Else IT

Cloud Hosting

On-Demand access to your company's servers from anywhere with cutting edge cloud technology.

Access your company's files, people, and phones from anywhere with the latest iterations of cloud hosting. We keep isolated backups and other cloud and physical servers to ensure data continuity even in the event of a power outage.

Full Operating System Support

From Windows to Mac to Linux we manage all operating systems and the drivers they are built on.

Any OS, anytime, Wolke is here to support your computers in every aspect needed, including driver and program installations, OS reformatting, file repairs and more. We have custom scripts built to enhance and streamline operating systems for business. For example: On Windows we disable Cortona Superfetch, and remove all bloatware for every client pc.

Networking and Virtual Private Networks

From Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to on-site internet switches we wire your business for efficiency and success.

Networking is more than just running wires to computers. Networking is optimizing speeds with the latest protocols. Networking is protecting your resources with a powerful firewall. Networking is about creating convenience. We are partnered with Watchguard Firewalls to supply VPN access that allows your company to have the best speeds and security in-person and remotely.

Printers, Scanners and Accessories

We manage every device and printer your business uses including scanners, headsets, monitors, printers and any other hardware need.

Make 1 call for every hardware need, big or small for setup, repairs or requisitioning for every device on the market. Enjoy the benefits of ordering from a company that is up to date with cutting edge hardware and dedicated to getting that hardware in your hands.

Email Hosting

Email is a cornerstone of the modern business, so it's a cornerstone of us. We're partnered with Rackspace to give you easy email access, effective spam filters and convenient management.

We are partnered with Rackspace to provide you with incredible utility for every user and a great management suite that is both secure and convenient. Rackspace can also provide the full Microsoft program suite.


Analog phones are a relic of the past, instead we use our own infrastructure to host Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems.

Never wait to requisition phones again with our hosted VOIP phone systems. Use our hosted VOIP website to access your phone's voicemail remotely, configure your settings or even make business calls on the go!