On-Site Support For Your Business

For Servers, Networks, Desktops and Everything Else IT

On-Site Technicians

Creating on-location relationships with networks, computers, and companys.

Our weekly on-site technicians are friendly, professional, and ready to help with all of your computer needs. Build a working relationship with the same technician who knows your needs and your network. We are tired of the lazy break/fix model employed by many IT companies. We believe in weekly preventative maintenance that results in no unexpected downtime.

We Support Everything

From Mac to Windows and from printers to phones we do it all!

We go above and beyond to support everything IT. We cover printers, desktops, macs, phones, emails and more. Wolke is the only call you make to get service, no more transfers, no more callbacks, no more hold time. We do everything you need to keep you running smoothly.

We Manage Hardware

Repairing, ordering, supplying, quality control and more!

We supply cutting edge hardware on everything including servers, laptops, firewalls, desktops, printers and more. All of our hardware is rigorously quality tested to ensure cutting edge performance for every user.

Data Protection and Backup

On-site, off-site, and cloud backups for no data loss. Ever.


Daily on-site backup drive connected directly to the server for quick, perfect, incremental backups. This backup can update files immediately after modification.


Weekly off-site backups protecting your data from potential on-site damages, such as a fire, or a flood.


Daily cloud backup of mission critical data for quicker server restoration, and to absolutely ensure no data corruption.


We partner with Watchguard Firewalls to provide the highest end security systems avalaible at an affordable rate. We also have custom scripts that watch your files for ransomware and immediately locks out access in the event of an attack.


We are fully compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and any other security compliance guidlines recommended for your industry. We currently uphold these standards at Banks, Dental Offices, Lawyer Firms, Accounting Firms and so much more.